Voting Rights

Voting Rights

This campaign is devoted to winning this election on the strength of our ideas – not on a strategy of disenfranchising certain Americans from the ballot box.

Our democracy is fueled by the consent of the people. The best way forward on this front, I believe, is pushing for a modernized Voting Rights Act. By building on the legacy of the original 1965 legislation, we could accomplish 3 key changes:

1. Making Election Day a Federal Holiday.

This should be a top priority. Election Day is the most important civic day of the year. Having it as a national holiday broadens the potential of the electorate and incentivizes our politicians to  work with the other side where they can.

2. Creating more local precincts and building secure online way for Americans to vote from home.

Let’s lean into the 21st century here a little bit. Our state and federal government should be able to establish a secure and protected way for you to cast your ballots online with the State Board of Elections. In addition, we should be expanding precincts access where people regularly commute. Make it easier and LEGAL to cast your vote in this country in a more modern and secure way.

3: Rebuilding the DOJ’s role in protecting Americans from fraud and voter suppression.

In 2013, the US Supreme Court axed major sections of the 1965 Act that protected Americans from indirect or targeted acts of voter suppression. I’ll fight to restore that very important oversight.

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