Social Security Reform

Social Security Reform

Life Insurance is one of the most important policies an American family can have. As a former State Farm agent, it was the single line of insurance that I was most passionate about. Life Insurance is a death benefit we secure for our loved ones after we pass on, and it can be used for funeral expenses, mortgage and debts, and to pass a financial legacy to your surviving others.

Unfortunately there are many Americans deemed ineligible for policies due to pre-existing medical conditions and other factors.

  • I strongly believe that life insurance should be an option, under Social Security at an affordable premium for those Americans who are denied that private coverage.
  • I stand committed to the American private sector remaining the primary provider for life insurance products.
  • I am interested in finding ways to better incentivize everyday Americans towards this important service.
  • I believe that any annual premium paid towards a private life policy should be tax deductible for the American people.

More Americans covered under life insurance means less financial hardship and a peace of mind for the American family. It will lift a generation out of economic strain, and I’ll fight to make this happen.

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