Healthcare and the ACA

Healthcare and the ACA

45 years after the passage of Medicare in 1965, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act took the fight head on in expanding health insurance access for millions of Americans.

But in 2017, it was stopped short by a new Congress that aimed to undermine the legislation’s intent. Healthcare is a moral product. I stand firm in my belief that medical service being offered to you or your family should not depend on your financial circumstance.

The fastest way I believe to confront the medical cost crisis in this country is to repurpose Medicare.

Medicare plans for Americans under 65 should be publicly available to any who want coverage. In addition, those who can’t afford or do not currently hold a health insurance  policy would be automatically enrolled each year during open enrollment season. This is a public option, and it will strengthen Medicare’s impact on the ACA as an option in the federal exchanges.

This will build public support of Medicare’s role in extending healthcare coverage to every Americans.

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