This campaign is committed to reducing our impact on greenhouse gas emissions and the rising temperatures of our climate. As the concentration of pollution and GHG trend towards levels never experienced by human populations, the American people deserve a robust national plan.

I will be supporting climate change legislation that aims to stabilize US greenhouse emissions, transitions our transportation and energy industries towards cleaner sources, and that puts the pressure on our leadership in Washington to reorganize our international community towards reducing their global footprint.

Aspects of this bold agenda were envisioned in the 2019 Green New Deal. And as a congressperson, I would seek to
further develop viable policy solutions that not only incentivize our current industries towards green technology, but offers the workers of the old energy market preference in the jobs of tomorrow.

The Green New Deal is a work in progress, but I believe it to be a good starting point for America. I’m committed to making it better in order to earn broader public support as we transition to a newfound green manufacturing future.

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