Americans are longing for elected officials that will be part of the solution; that will show up in Washington, lead the country forward, and make it work  for everyday Americans. I know I can be that candidate for the people of my district.


Rodney Labrice Walker

I’m running for Congress because this district is my home. All of my family, memories, and the values that have shaped me were rooted right here in this area, and you always fight for your family. I am fueled by a working class agenda and committed to bringing a new generation of leadership to Washington.

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Healthcare and the ACA

I support broadening the eligibility of Medicare to all Americans, and will seek to strengthen Medicare’s impact on the ACA as an option in the federal exchanges.

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This campaign supports a pathway to legal residency for our eligible foreign born community, and a pathway to citizenship for those who qualify under DACA.

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This campaign is committed to reducing our impact on greenhouse gas emissions and the rising temperatures of our climate.

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Voting Rights

This campaign is devoted to winning this election on the strength of our ideas – not on a strategy that targets ways to suppress access to the ballot box for certain Americans.

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Veterans and National Defense

Being in the US Army made me a better leader, a better person, and most importantly, it taught me how to be a better American.

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Social Security Reform 

For those Americans who are denied private coverage, I strongly believe that life insurance should be an option under Social Security at an affordable premium to them.

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Public Service

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy launches America into what he hoped would be a new era of national service.

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